Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

NextGen Solutions is a reliable Advanced Analytics Services and AI Services provider for your businesses, entities, and institutions in both the public and private sector

Get help with managing your data with patches from a skilled team right here. NextGen Solutions can help you streamline your operations regardless of your team’s location, be it working from the office or home. Our team of full-stack data scientists and engineers accelerate innovation. We bring a diverse set of research and development expertise, scientific rigor, and a deep knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies to design, build, and deploy ML/AI solutions that meet your company’s needs. NextGen can help you tackle your most challenging data science and machine learning projects.

Choosing NextGen Solutions among tech companies is a smart decision because we can help you:

  • Leverage your data and AI / ML to solve business needs
  • Implement bespoke solutions that generate new use cases and rapid expansion
  • Use custom solutions and powerful tools to build personalized environments
  • Get AI / ML on + off-premise
  • Continue education and AI / ML distribution
  • Integrate AI/ML with existing software applications
  • Use existing applications and expert architecture to automate your manual
  • Use Repetitive business processes to enable more innovation
  • Supercharge your workflows
  • Receive services such as Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, and much more

Put an end to your team’s struggles with IT and start working with a global leader in innovative IT business solutions to revolutionize your business right away.


  • Machine Learning in Business
  • Business Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Chatbot Development
  • Voice Assistant Development
  • Computer Intelligence Development
  • Additional services upon request


  • Google Tensorflow
  • Android
  • Additional services upon request

Example #1 BMC

Has good specific features of AI (mainly pertaining to their product) but is still applicable to the whole service that we are trying to offer.

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Example #2 ORACLE

AI technology is improving enterprise performance and productivity by automating processes or tasks that once required human power. AI can also make sense of data on a scale that no human ever could. That capability can return substantial business benefits. For example, Netflix uses machine learning to provide a level of personalization that helped the company grow its customer base by more than 25 percent in 2017. Most companies have made data science a priority and are investing in it heavily. In Gartner's recent survey of more than 3,000 CIOs, respondents ranked analytics and business intelligence as the top differentiating technology for their organizations. The CIOs surveyed see these technologies as the most strategic for their companies; therefore, they are attracting the most new investment.  

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